How to use Instagram Reel in India

Instagram has finally rolled out his new feature which is the Instagram reel to Indian users on Wednesday at sharp 7-30pm. It is the alternative of famous application TikTok and because of Instagram reel now the chances of bouncing back of Chinese apps vanish. But many people are confused still how to use Instagram reel in India.

So in this article, will guide you each and everything about how to use Instagram reel in India and its features, drawbacks.

What is Instagram reel?

How to use instagram reel in india

The Instagram reel is an alternative of famous application Tiktok. As you know Instagram is owned by Facebook mark Zuckerberg. They want to dominate each and every market and outrank the competition. Instagram reel as tested out previously by other foreign countries.

As soon as India banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok because of security threat. Instagram took no time to release its beta version for the Indian users. As you all know India is the big market place of 132 Million population. Now in Instagram reel you can make videos as TikTok and upload it in your feed & it will showcase it into exploring page. So it is a great opportunity for each and everyone to promote themself and take advantage out of it.

How to use Instagram reel in India?

I will explain step by step procedure of how to switch to the beta version and use the Instagram reel.

step 1 – Go to google play store

How to use instagram reel in india

First step 1, Login to your google play store and search for Instagram. Then at the bottom of the developer contact, you can find the option of You’re a beta tester shown in the above pic.

When you log in you will find the option of joining in the sample place where you able to see leave option in above pic. Just click on join option and it will start updating your application. After updating the application it will look like this as shown in below pic.

Instagram reels

You will able to see the exact thing in your screen and congrats you are now a beta tester of the Instagram reel and now can use the Instagram reel.

Step 2 – Open Instagram Account & View the Reel.

After opening the instagram account, Just go to your home tab and click on top right camera icon. Now you can see the three option at the bottom which is live,story,reels.

How to use instagram reel in india

As shown in above pic, click on reel and it will look same in your device too. As there are three options available in the reel feature which are

  1. Audio
  2. Speed
  3. Effects
  4. Timer
  • Tap on audio and select your favourite song and start recording the video same as TikTok. You can add a description and post it in your feed.
  • speed option to increase the speed of the video.
  • Add different effects on your Instagram reels and test it out.
  • You can add a timer before creating the video to position yourself.

Step 3 – Where I Should Check My Instagram Reel Video?

Instagram Reel
Instagram Home Page

As you can see the above picture, Bottom of the highlights section there is new icon at side of the igtv icon.

Click on that icon and you can see your first Instagram Reel Video.

Instagram reel beta version view

As you can see clearly in the above pic, You can view the videos and check how many likes and views have come to your video.

Videos are also shared on the instagram explore page too.

Instagram reel explore page

It is one of the best thing of reel, You reel will be more reachable to your targeted users on instagram.Make sure you add valuable information in reel/ in this feature.

Some of the common problems you may face after downloading beta version. They are as follow

Problem Number 1 – When you update the beta version you cant able to see the reel option immediately

Solution – Just restart your mobile once and open the application. Then you can view the reel option.

Problem Number 2 – Music or Audio Effects are not available in few regions

Solution – There are no solution for this problem as instagram will look after it. You can record videos by your own voice and post it.

Conclusion- I hope everyone you have like the article and all of your problem got solved. If you are stucked anywhere connect with me on instagram I will there to help you.

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