How to earn money from Instagram in 2020?

How to earn money from instagram in 2020

Hello Everyone! In this blog, I will show you the steps of how to earn money from Instagram in 2020 easily. While there is a lot of competition in India because everyone wants to become social media influencer and wants to earn money from Instagram in no time.

If you want to be top all amongst your competitor on instagram then you have follow this steps :

  1. Be consistent ( post regularly )
  2. Post genuine content, Don’t copy-paste other people content.
  3. Focus on providing value to the customers.
  4. You can provide content in the form of stories, posts, replying to messages in the comment etc

So this is these are the steps on how to earn money from Instagram in 2020 without any technical knowledge.

1) Become an Instagram influencer

instagram influencer

You can become an Instagram influencer by providing value or benefit to your followers. Instagram influencers can be of many types as follows:

  1. Fashion influencer
  2. Travel influencers
  3. Digital influencers
  4. Social media sensations
  5. journalists
  6. photographer
  7. thought leader
  8. practionarist or leader etc..

There are so many types of influencers on Instagram. But the main part is what is your type of interest? I highly recommend follow your passion and lead your passion to work. Just don’t decide anything by seeing others income and work. So many people blindly follow others and fail miserably.

2) Sponsorship posts

instagram sponsership posts

If you can do sponsorship posts and earn money from it. There are many advertisers who are actively looking for active influencers with good amount of followers. They pay in lakhs to crore based on category , fame, number of followers.

If you want to reach out to the brands you can reach them on influencers marketing place.

I suggest you to reach out to brands only when you are good enough with good name & fame in the market.

You can go directly to influencers market place and make a deal with brands.

  1. Forh card – You can link all your social media handles on this account and make an influencers card that shows your brand profiles and a total reach of brands around for shopping on the internet. you also get a list of brands what they want. So you can take initiative to reach out them.
  2. Grapevine – If you have 5000 or more followers, you can list yourself in the Grape Vine marketplace for the opportunity to work with like-minded brands.
  3. Crowd Tap – Do small content tasks and earn rewards if you have small followers base. But this works only for united states audience.
  4. indaHash – Several brands put campaigns to engage with. By keeping hashtags you can earn money. But you should have 700 engaged followers on Instagram.

The rules vary when it comes to sponsored content, but to be safe and respect your audience’s trust, consider adding a sponsored # hashtag to indicate sponsored posts. If you need reassurance, about 69% of influencers in a report said being transparent about sponsorships did not affect how consumers perceive your recommendation.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing through instagram

You can do affiliate marketing through instagram. Its sounds good but there are some precautions you need to follow before promoting any product on instagram.

we will categorise this part into some do’s and don’ts

Don’ts of affiliate marketing :

  1. Don’t spam on instagram
  2. Don’t keep direct affiliate link on instagram
  3. Avoid copy pasting same message to so any people at a time.
  4. Don’t post continuously in one day

Do’s of Affiliate marketing :

  1. Build a landing page and keep that link in the Instagram bio
  2. Daily do at least 3 posts and keep more stories
  3. Try to send different messages to your targeted audience.
  4. Be consistent and gain followers this will help you to get more sales.
  5. Show your credibility and build trust among your followers so that they can trust you blindly and purchase the product without any hesitation.

Note – If you are promoting clickbank products , jvzoo products or amazon products then you have to be very careful and follow all the steps which is mentioned in above DO’s of affiliate marketing.

4) Open your own store on instagram

Yes!! you can open your own store and earn money from instagram. This is very easy and effective.

If you are a business owner and want more sales then you can turn your instagram account to business profile and start promoting your products.

How to earn from instagram through online store
  1. Your product image should be eye-catching
  2. The image should be attractive with good graphics and innovative.
  3. In the description of the image, you should mention all the benefits and features of the product.
  4. Try to keep the call to action at the last slide of the image.
  5. Leverage the use of Instagram bio and keep your store link in it.
  6. If you have more then one link. Then I highly recommend you to use linktree.

conclusion – The above mentioned tips are very effective and I request you to be consistent. If you are starting from scratch and expecting results in no time then is never gonna be happen like that. Everyone starts from zero and scale to big numbers but its take time so keep patience.

I hope this article has helped you and cleared the doubts in your mind related to how to earn money from Instagram in 2020. Please do share this article with your friends and colleagues.

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