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Before sharing my journey I would like to share one important lesson with you. “Hard work and Patience are the two success keys in order to become wealthypreneur”.

Hi there,
My Name is Deepak Narsaria, I am 22 year old successful entrepreneur who has zeal inside to empower people with his learnings.

The Internet Dream

My Journey has been more like the deceptive success of being rather than doing but not anymore. Let me explain:

When I was in my initial days, One of my friends told me to start investing in bitcoins & earn huge returns within a less span of time. Trust me at that time I know only currency....haha but First time when I heard about cryptocurrency it built curiosity inside me to know more about it.

what else then I invested 5000rs and bought coins after few days I started & buying coins. TBH!! I earned quite a good income at that time. I purchased brand new canon 700d dslr , Mobile , Laptop etc all from my personal earning . All this was from my side hustling and today also I invest some of my little amount in cryptocurrency.

As everyone knows, MLM was in trend at that time, and everyone was investing in so many companies to get high returns within a few days.

I also got trapped into the scam of this ocean and started investing money though I was a bit lazy in building network & referrals. But I got some 4x return in the beginning. Then I became greedy and invested more and more money and faced huge losses as the company closed its operations without any notice. But still, I spent cash as you know " to be successful, you have to take a risk."

Then I started to learn blogging from youtube and posted my blogs on blogger.com, which is free to use. And started promoting people through blogs. But after someone, I stopped investing in cryptocurrency and other networking companies because I faced loss & got scammed by so many people.

But after all these incidents, I gained some valuable experience. Till 2018, I was like nurturing myself. But I learned that there is some potential in the online world, and we can do real-time online income through legit ways.


In 2018, I came to know about Digital Marketing and its scope in the market. Though I was a computer science student, I was not able to do coding to that level. So I decided to quit and decided to build my career in the field of digital marketing.

I spent 25000rs in one of the Digital Marketing academies to gain real-time knowledge & exposure. I can say 100%, but yes, I learned somewhat about digital marketing & its terms. I learned about : 1) What is search engine optimization? On-page and off-page optimization. 2) Search engine marketing 3) How to run ads on google to gain huge ROI 4) Email Marketing. 5) Social Media Marketing.etc The main thing was to implement and learn from the failures. No book will teach you real-time experience. You have to apply the ideas from the front & should overcome your shortcomings. " After hustlings so many things finally, I found a perfect path for myself." But the game was not over.

Soon after taking a dip into the blue ocean of digital marketing, I learned that we have to master one skill set to move further.

Conclusion :
To be successful in your life "Dream big and put all of your sweat & time to achieve it." Learn from your failures and move forward.

" Hope it was bit inspiring thank you for reading my story"

If you want to contact me please feel to reach out to me on my social media handles.

Thank you

Happy Earnings:)

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